• Success doesn’t come to you, you go to it

    Our most rewarding job is dealing with Manufacturing & FMCG companies who have a problem. To solve our most difficult problems we must radically change our thinking. You are not here to simply survive your industry, you are here to take charge of it. Your future is not a matter of chance but a matter of choice. Don’t be the same, be better.

  • Begin With The End In Mind

    Great aspiration without action is useless. It is not your job to remember us, it is our obligation to ensure you won’t forget us. Give your career the boost you have been looking for with an Manufacturing & FMCG recruitment specialist centered on long-term Candidate developmental relationship’s at it’s core. Go the extra mile, it’s never crowded.

    Go the extra mile
  • Great Vision Without A Great Team Is Irrelevant

    Many feel that the current system isn’t working very well. It can be expensive for Manufacturing & FMCG companies to recruit the top talent, but even more so to lose them to competitors. By sharing your values and keeping your investment in mind, our innovative, evidence-based research and recruitment methods deliver positive results time and time again. For the first time, results allow us to see high-quality methods unlock key talent and relentlessly deliver exceptional investment opportunity.

    Go innovative

 Whether a pioneer of the eCommerce revolution or a commander behind the industrial curtain, the effective recruitment of the next generation of talent will be the difference between an organisations success or failure. Without the expertise of a Manufacturing & FMCG Recruitment expert, organisations are exposed to being unable to adequately staff warehouse and production lines leaving unfulfilled customer orders and a damaged reputation.

The art of securing talent is focused on attracting and retaining the elite candidates who are engaged to perform at a high level. It is this elite that are truly focused on ensuring a return on your investment and the delivery of an organisations objectives when given the right tools needed for success.

Go To Success

Manufacturing & FMCG Problems

A disconnection between aspiration and action is causing uncertainty for future-oriented companies.

Preferred suppliers not delivering and In-house recruitment teams unable to able to cope with spikes in demand impact on your ability to deliver tight production deadlines or increased orders during seasonal peaks.

A shortage of elite talent caused by increased competition, Brexit, eroded loyalty since publicised company restructures, incompetent recruitment, bad hires and failing retention are all growing challenges for Manufacturing & FMCG companies.

High staff turnover with miss-matched Candidates forwarded consumes your time, energy and budget and leaves gaps in a Organisations  Team resulting in inefficiencies, leaving management teams under pressure and organisations failing to operate effectively.

Manufacturing & FMCG Solutions

By welcoming Recruitment Specialist striving for excellence, and realising alternative search and selection methods, your company can take the first step in seeing a different result.

Choosing to work with a Manufacturing & FMCG recruitment expert to support an underperforming Preferred Supplier or assist an In-house recruitment team with more demanding searches or during seasonal peaks will ensure your organistation wins the talent war.

Taking decisive action to install effective, proactive and strategic Manufacturing & FMCG recruitment expert who will deliver on objectives and engage with management teams is only possible if you partner with a Recruitment Firm who can access the elite talent that is often passive and unobtainable by simply posting adverts on social media and job boards.

Naturally, we want you to invest in the best to ensure a return on your business venture. As an expert in Manufacturing & FMCG recruitment, we understand how important time and budgets are in this process. It is our job to change these obstacles into solutions, let us do the work.

Our Manufacturing & FMCG Focus

Clarico helps Manufacturing, FMCG and logistics companies in the attraction, retention and development of world class candidates.

What Manufacturing and FMCG Talent are we looking for?

Operatives, Drivers, Team Leaders, Engineers, HR, Financial, Technical, Commercial, Sales, Managers, Heads of Departments, Directors and Managing Directors who are:
  • Driven
  • Team Players
  • Continuous Improvers
  • The Elite

Top Manufacturing & FMCG Professionals who are:

  • Process Driven
  • Efficient
  • Engaging
  • Highly Motivated

Are you who we are looking for? Click below to take the first step.

Client Testimonials

“We have worked with Clarico since 2011. Clarico understand our culture and all aspects of our business which has led to greater understanding of our recruitment needs.”

HR Manager Largo Foods

“I am happy to recommend the recruitment service offered by Clarico Recruitment. I have recently used the firms’ services and found them to be extremely attentive and efficient. Clarico is extremely knowledgeable and approachable always, and I would have no hesitation in using the service again”.

HR Manager

“Clarico have been the only recruitment agency we have used during the last 6 years. Clarico have delivered an excellent service and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to other Food manufacturing companies”.

HR Manager Haywood and Padgett Bakery

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